What is Hong Tra?

Friday, November 23, 2018

What is Pink tea? Does this tea’s name remind you of a kind of a tea with the color lightly pink?

Let’s find out what Pink tea is.

Actually, Pink tea is red, depending on the type will vary in different colors. Do you know where Pink tea come from? Pink tea first appeared about 200 years ago and is popular in many western countries, but during the colonial period, it became one of the famous tea-growing regions. That is why tea and milk tea has come to Taiwan it has quickly become a global craze.

It appears after the Green Tea, but with the taste of the cool, gentle, fragrant fragrance of the flowers together with the beauty of the female (beautiful skin, nice design, beautiful hair, ..), especially It has the ability to prevent the disease of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Pink tea has changed the tea culture of many other countries. This has partly proved the development of Pink tea in the tea ceremony.

And to tell you, Pink tea is sold at a surprisingly high price, it became the indispensable drink of the elite and tea lovers at that time. Pink tea is still popular throughout the world, and Vietnam is no exception.

After many attempts to create a new and familiar formula. We chose Hong tea as a drink that has many good uses as well as enjoyed by many young people today, combined with fatty cheese cream fatty features, Cheesecake Ngon has decided to launch a new drink - Rose tea with Cheese foam. With a special combination of sweet tea, sweet aroma extracted from fresh Rose leaf, blended with the fatty, salty taste of cheese cream has created a special drink, delicious can not refuse.
Rose tea Cheese foam from Cheesecake Ngon - “ BÉO NGẬY VỊ CHEESE, MÊ LY VỊ TRÀ”.


About Pink tea, most young people today know about this refreshment drink. Taste of cool bitterness, bringing the alertness to a dynamic working day.

Pink tea originated in Taiwan, China in the 1980s from the tea ceremony artists. Composed of green tea buds, they process many different types of tea by fermenting the tea leaves to create completely different flavors. From there they make a variety of delicious, nutritious drinks such as milk tea, iceblend, milkshaker, or fresh tea in today's western bakeries.
And to catch up with the trend of youth, along with the love for Pink tea, Cheesecake Ngon created a new drink. The combination of tea leaves selected on 100% natural mem, in combination with rosemary scented light aroma. The top layer is covered with a cream of salty and fatty cheese.

A blend of tradition and modernity, the breakthrough in the so-called old rules that you can only fully perceive in this cup of Cheese Foam.
Quick feet to keep up with the trend of Saigon youth, and create a new working day inspired by Cheesecake Ngon.